Thursday, February 24, 2011

MY buyer, MY seller

I've always had to question the practice of  REALTORS using the phrases, "MY buyer and MY seller" as if these people were owned property of the real estate professional.  While I wholey agree that representation of a client is something to be declared, it can easily be evidenced when an offer is made, on page one of the agreement of sale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where it documents "seller's relationship with real estate agency" and "buyer's relationship with real estate agency".  In conversations between real estate professionals, I think it should be standard practice to simply say, "THE buyer" or "THE seller" or "Mr. Smith" or "Mrs. Smith".  The moment the word "MY" comes into play, I believe it taints the entire transaction with the possibility that issues within the transaction could be taken personally by the real estate professional.  All too many times, I find that negotiations within a transaction are answered by the real estate professional in a knee jerk type reaction before it is even discussed with the actual buyer or seller!  There is a difference between the realtor representing their client's best interest and actually acting as if they are the client....and although it may seem like one in the same, it's very far from it. 

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