Friday, February 25, 2011

The Stats in Today's Pocono Mountain Association of Realtors

The busy season is just around the corner, evidenced by the RAINFALL instead of snowfall happening at present!  It's also a day away from the heavy weekend traffic this tourist area is bound to get, as we do every weekend, with such great attractions such as Camelback, Mount Airy Resort and Casino, The Crossings Outlet Center and The Great Wolf Lodge.  Typically, the weekends are prime time for realtors to meet with their clients.  So, today I just want to give you a quick pic of what our local market looks like going into the weekend...

3,247 residential properties actively on market for sale

25 residential properties "back on the market" meaning they were active for sale on the market, either came off temporarily at owner's request or went under contract and fell through

10 "extensions" meaning the property was active for sale on the market, did not sell within its original listing period, so the owner agreed to a longer listing period with their current listing agent.

7 "expired" listings that did not sell within its original listing period

13 "pended" that had an agreement of sale fully executed

8 "closed" that went to settlement in the last 24 hours

36 "newly listed" meaning they have not been active for sale on the market in the last 90 days, and have come on to the MLS within the last 24 hours

If you know someone that is buying or selling in the Pocono area, please make sure they are finding out the listing history from their buyer's agent before making an offer.  If they are selling, make sure they get an accurate market analysis before choosing a market price.  Nothing is worse than a "shop worn" or overpriced listing!

Enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for being here :)

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