Monday, February 9, 2015

The Grammys and Remax Rap

How fitting that 24 hours after I post about the wonderful winter here in the Poconos, I find myself unable to leave my house this morning due to school closings, snow and ice fall...well that's ok because I had an opportunity to scan through my TiVo's recording of the Grammy's last night. It's always nice to know a little about the latest buzz instead of being days behind! I don't think I could sit in the audience through such a long awards show although I wouldn't mind the opportunity to see such a dazzling array of artists perform live! I absolutely love the collaborations between artists that could be considered "unusual". My favorite was Lady GaGa and Tony Bennet ~ what a class act, so much fun to see such different styles blend to produce a fabulous rendition of a wonderful song. It's been said that Tony is "taming GaGa" although I love her wild style and spirit! Then there are "questionable moments" that leave me wondering how celebrities of such caliber can possibly STILL be so attention starved? I refer to the antics of Kanye and Madonna. In any case, in honor of the Grammys, I would like to share a fun side of RE/MAX. Enjoy!

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