Saturday, February 7, 2015

What is important to you?

What does the date 7-7-07 and VEGAS have in common? Well, besides a possible connection of 7-7-7 with a big win on a slot machine in VEGAS, the anniversary of my joining RE/MAX of the Poconos was 7-7-07 and the broker/owner of our office has just announced a fabulous incentive he intends to extend to the real estate professionals in my office if we meet the goal he has set forth for us in 2015. Sure, like all sales goals, there is a dollar figure involved, but what is behind that figure is so much more than a number...the number is just a "fact" with no feelings. The REAL deal behind that number is the strengthening of the financial picture for countless home buyers and sellers, who placed the purchase or sale of their biggest investment with a RE/MAX agent from our office. It represents the hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years that one of my fellow real estate professionals from RE/MAX of the Poconos worked with a buyer or seller client to help them achieve their goals and move on to another chapter of their lives. That figure is proof that RE/MAX is the sign you want and the agent that you need.

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